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Important Banff Rock Climbing Safety Tips For Beginners

Rock climbing is an exciting way to experience the beauty of the mountains. It’s also dangerous. Learning to respect the dangers of climbing and deal with them appropriately is crucial. If you’re new to climbing, check out these important rock climbing Banff safety tips.

Wear a Climbing Helmet

Rock is hard and your head is soft, so always wear a climbing helmet when climbing or belaying.

Use Proper Rock Climbing Equipment

In addition to your helmet, make sure you use proper gear for outdoor rock climbing in Banff including a harness, one or two locking carabiners, a belay rappel device, and climbing shoes.

Double Check Everything

Check and double check all equipment. This includes your harness, knots, rope, belay device, and anchors. Make sure everything is in good condition and used properly throughout the climb.

Pay Attention when Rock Climbing Banff

Outdoor rock climbing in Banff is challenging, so always pay attention to the task at hand and communicate with other climbers.

Start with Banff Rock Climbing Tours

As you begin to explore outdoor rock climbing, go with experienced climbers. Banff rock climbing tours are a great way to learn to climb safely from people with more experience.

Don’t Rely on Others for Your Safety

Heading out with experienced climbers gives you support and guidance, but don’t depend on them for safety. Take responsibility for your safety and learn how to tie and check knots, tie them to the rope, and double check anchors.

Practice Redundancy when Outdoor Rock Climbing in Banff

Redundancy is critical for safely rock climbing Banff. Back-up important pieces of gear and use at least two anchors at a belay and rappel station.

Banff rock climbing tours are a great introduction to climbing, a way to freshen up your skills, and an opportunity to enjoy climbing with other enthusiasts.


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