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Private Alpine Climbing Guiding



Product Description

There really is no better way to truly enjoy the mountains than reaching a summit. Whether it is an alpine rock climb or a long mixed snow, ice and rock alpine route, it really does not get more amazing.

Depending on fitness level and previous climbing experience I can introduce you to a new realm of challenge and beauty. Alpine climbs range from a full day to a week or two depending on difficulty of access and route. Join me for an guaranteed life changing experience!

***Prices subject to increase with increased commitment and objectives***

i.e. Climbs requiring a bivi or climbs more than grade 3 commitment level. These details will be discussed prior to our trip.

Additional Information

What's Included

Certified Mountain Guide, use of all group technical gear.

Gear List

•MOUNATINEERING BOOTS: You will need proper mountaineering boots designed specifically for this use.
•BACKPACK: Large enough to carry spare clothing, lunch, water and climbing gear. 40-55 liters
•2 TECHNICAL ICE CLIMBING TOOL for intermediate and advanced ascents. Modern leash less tools are preferred
•12 PIONT CRAMPONS which must fit your boots.
•SUNGLASSES with good UV protection, ‘glacier glasses’.
•Lip Cream.
•HEADLAMP with fresh batteries.
•WATERBOTTLE (1L minimum), Thermos
•BLISTER KIT (‘moleskin’, ‘Second Skin’)
In the mountains it is important to layer your clothing. I suggest layers of light, easily carried clothing that allow for fast and easy adjustment to best suit fast changing temperature conditions in the mountains. Cotton clothing of any kind is not recommended as it causes rapid heat loss when wet. We will have time to go through your clothing and gear prior to the climb.
You will need to bring:
•LONG UNDERWEAR, top and bottom, polypro, wool, capilene or fleece.
•WOOL/BLEND SOCKS clean socks for each day.
•Shoeller Pant and or Gore-tex pants
•Wool or fleece LONG SLEEVE SHIRT.
•FLEECE SWEATER (medium weight).
•Heavyweight fleece or insulated/down JACKET.
***A good down Jacket with hood is highly recommended***
•Water proof OUTER JACKET with hood (Gore-Tex).
•Waterproof knee-length GAITERS that will fit over large boots.
•Waterproof mountaineering GLOVES or wool / fleece mitts /gloves plus waterproof over mitts, two pairs.
•Light weight winter ice climbing gloves which fit tight, used for climbing with. These offer better dexterity for working with the gear
Bivi gear for over night trips


We highly recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance


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