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Everything You’ll Do In an Avalanche Safety Training Level 2 Course

Improve your skills and confidence travelling in avalanche terrain by attending a level 2 training course. This course builds on the foundation established by the level 1 course and helps students broaden their avalanche skills. Here’s a peak at what you’ll do in an AST level 2 course.

Gather Resources with a Four Day AST Level 2 Course

The level 2 avalanche safety course follows the Avalanche Canada curriculum and includes four days of instruction: the first in a classroom setting and the following three in the field. This gives students an opportunity to gather information and resources and put them into practice in the mountains. It is a great way to develop decision making and critical thinking skills that are key in avalanche terrain. You’ll also receive a field book for recording notes and observations, many other resources and a certificate of completion.

Hands-On Experience with Avalanche Safety

During the three days in the field, students get hands-on experience practising a variety of skills. The avalanche training course includes practising companion rescue, dealing with deep burial and multiple burial scenarios, snowpack analysis using both onsite and online tools, and leading a group in complex, challenging avalanche terrain.

Small Group Avalanche Training with Certified Instructors

One of the great things about the AST level 2 course is the time you spend in small groups led by certified instructors. Field days are limited to only eight students per instructor so that you can get personalized training, your questions answered, and plenty of opportunity for practising your skills. Within this framework of close supervision, students are encouraged to make avalanche safety decisions independently.

Avalanche training is a great opportunity for backcountry skiers and adventurers to prepare for the challenges of traveling safely in avalanche terrain. Proper training helps you stay safe and make good decisions as you enjoy the beauty and excitement of the winter environment. At Alpine Air Adventures we work hard to make sure all who participate in out avalanche safety training courses leave with a lot of skills and confidence. Sign up today!

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