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Alpine Climbing: How to Start Training

Exploring the great outdoors by climbing in alpine terrain is a wonderful spring and summer adventure. But there’s no need to wait for warmer weather to get ready for summer climbing; preparing ahead of time helps make the experience more enjoyable. Here are some training tips for alpine climbing to get you started.

Improve Cardiovascular Endurance for Banff Alpine Climbing

You’ll want sufficient cardiovascular endurance as you challenge the alpine slopes. Build your endurance for alpine touring with two to three aerobic workouts per week that last 30-45 minutes each. Focus on activities that work the muscles in your legs, like vigorous walking, stair climbing, jogging, or hill climbing.

Strengthen Weak Muscles for Alpine Touring

Evaluate your body and focus on improving any weak areas that are important for hiking and climbing. Strength training with free weights or bodyweight is a great way build muscle and focus on any areas that need specific help. Overall strength training is important too because developing your muscles makes alpine climbing easier and more enjoyable.

Deal with Medical Conditions Before Alpine Climbing

If you have any pre-existing conditions that might impact your ability to enjoy alpine touring, deal with them before you head out for an adventure. This includes things like a tight IT band, bad ankles, lower back pain, a torn Achilles tendon, and weak knees. Work with a physical therapist or other specialist to address any issues.

Develop Knowledge and Technique

Safe climbing techniques and practices are crucial for Banff alpine climbing. If you’re new to climbing or haven’t been out for awhile, consider taking a few lessons. Look for a qualified instructor who offers classes related to your planned activity.

Get ready for Banff alpine climbing by starting to train now. Developing your endurance, strength, and technique can help you make the most of time exploring the alpine country.

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