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7 Ice Climbing Tips For Rookies

Climbing up frozen waterfalls or rock covered in ice is a challenging and exciting adventure. If you’re a climber looking to challenge yourself during winter or are an outdoor adventurer looking to try a new sport, consider ice climbing. Here are seven tips for rookies as you get ready to head out.

Get Appropriate Ice Climbing Banff Gear

The right gear is huge. You need clothing that fits well and will keep you warm and comfortable without getting sweaty. A heavy insulated jacket to wear when not climbing is also important. Sunglasses, headlamp, and first aid kit are also good to carry with you.

Find Ice Climbing Courses or an Instructor

There’s a lot to learn in the icy world of winter climbing, so it’s best to follow someone who knows their stuff. Ice climbing courses are a great way to develop your skills and learn to stay safe.

Take Food and Drinks

Carry food that’s easy to eat when it’s cold, like sandwiches, bars, or dried fruit. A thermos of hot soup or tea is a great way to warm up and helps you stay hydrated.

Be Safe When Ice Climbing

Perform the basic safety checks before ice climbing every time and be aware of your surroundings.

Be Proactive about Staying Warm

Staying warm is important when Banff ice climbing. Eat and drink often, and carry snacks in your pockets to keep them warm. Stay on the move to keep your body heat up.


Practice swinging the tool into ice and improving your climbing technique. Ice climbing courses provide a great opportunity for practice.

Communicate with Other Climbers

Learn to communicate with other climbers and what to do if a large chunk of ice comes loose or you drop a tool.

Banff Ice climbing is an exciting way to explore and challenge yourself during the winter months.

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