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5 Banff Hiking Tours To Complete This Summer

Banff National Park and the surrounding area is spectacular and inspiring. The many hiking trails provide opportunity to slip away from the stress of daily life and enjoy glittering lakes and breathtaking views. In this magical world, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing Banff hikes.

Five Popular Banff Hiking Tours

The hardest part about choosing Banff hiking tours is narrowing down your options from the many excellent choices. Here are five popular guided hiking tours to help your search:

  • Mt Yamnuska Alpine Scramble – Mt Yamnuska is an impressive rock wall that awes visitors as they drive from Calgary into the mountains. A favorite of rock climbers, there is also a trail for those who prefer to hike to the top.
  • Edith Pass to Cory Pass – This classic hike in Banff rewards visitors with amazing views. Enjoy wildflowers, mountains, streams, and the mystical beauty of the Valley of the Gargoyles.
  • Stanley Glacier Alpine Valley – A gentle climb through forest and alpine meadow to the stunning Stanley Glacier. Cascading waterfalls, alpine shrubbery, and sheer cliffs delight the eyes of hikers along this popular trail.
  • Heart Mountain Alpine Loop – In the shape of a heart, this mountain makes for a great day trip scramble. One of the first passable alpine trails in summer, Heart Mountain offers amazing views along the trail and at the summit. If you’re new to hiking, consider a guided hiking tour.
  • Sentinal Pass – Start at Moraine Lake and take the trail to the summit of Sentinal Pass. The grand beauty of the Rocky Mountains shines along this favorite trail, including majestic fir trees, high alpine meadows, and fresh glacial rivers.

Enjoy Natural Beauty of Banff Hikes

Banff hiking tours offer visitors stunning views and majestic scenery. Summer is an ideal time to enjoy the beauty of this area, so explore this spectacular area by trying multiple Banff hikes this summer.


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