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Bugaboos, Pigeon Spire August 2014

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Pigeon Spire in the Bugaboos is one of the most eye catching mountains in Canada. Surrounded by glacier slightly dwarfed by its neighbors the Howser Towers but truly it is its angles that are curious. While ascending the West ridge it is easy to think that the coming terrain is steep and difficult but as you approach it is either just walking or easy 5th class. Although easily ascended in dry conditions Pigeon is a very sought after peak. A must do for all levels of climbers!

Best of the Bugaboos August 1-5th 2014

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Weather you are a climber, scrambler or just a hiker if you haven’t been to the Bugaboos you need to go check this place out. Granite spires piercing the bugaboo and Vowell glaciers like they really mean it! The climbing is world class and the hiking is jaw dropping in a true Canadian Wilderness.


Mt Assiniboine July 17-19th 2014

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Up to the Canadian Matterhorn with Dean and Gio, we had perfect dry and sunny conditions. What a great day in the hills.

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