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7 Essential Things You Need to Bring With You While Backcountry Skiing

Heading out for a backcountry adventure is exciting. Make sure you’re prepared for the experience by training properly and taking an avalanche safety course, then gather your gear and have fun. Here are seven essential things you need to bring backcountry skiing.

1. Skis for Banff Adventures

Alpine touring skis that are designed for backcountry use are ideal because they are lighter to make hiking uphill easier. You’ll also want skins for your skis. This material attaches to the bottom of the skis and makes it possible to travel uphill without sliding backwards.

2. Touring Boots for Skiing

Boots for backcountry skiing adventures allow for better movement when skiing and skinning; they are also lightweight to reduce fatigue on long tours.

3. Poles for Backcountry Skiing Adventures

Backcountry ski poles are similar to regular ski poles, but they usually have a collapsible or adjustable design to allow you to adjust for various terrain.

4. Avalanche Gear for Backcountry Adventures

An avalanche beacon is crucial any time you head into avalanche terrain for Banff adventures. Practice using your beacon until it becomes second nature. You’ll also need a shovel and an avalanche probe.

5. Insulation for Backcountry Skiing

Weather in alpine country can change quickly, so be prepared with extra layers. A warm, puffy jacket and extra gloves are musts.

6. Food for Skiing Adventures

Giving your body the fuel it needs is important; you’ll burn a lot of calories backcountry skiing. Bring along plenty of water and snacks to boost your energy. Granola bars, almonds, and trail mix are some great snack options.

7. Emergency Essentials for a Banff Adventure

Finally, remember to bring along an emergency kit for backcountry skiing adventures. This should include things like a headlamp, duct tape, a lighter, a multi-tool, and a couple of adjustable ski straps.

Banff adventures are a great way to experience the beauty of the backcountry. Prepare for your next adventure by packing this essential gear.

Backcountry skiing is a great adventure. At Alpine Air we can help take you on a tour that is both safe, and unforgettable,  Book your next adventure, contact us today!

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