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What You’ll Learn in an Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 Course

Getting outdoors to explore during winter is a great way to experience the beauty of nature, but nature is also unpredictable and can catch you off guard. Prepare before setting out for an adventure with avalanche safety training. Here’s what you’ll learn in an avalanche safety training level 1 course.

Snow Science and Terrain Selection during Avalanche Training

Most avalanche training classes begin with a day in the classroom that provides an introduction to snow science and terrain selection. This day lays the groundwork for avalanche safety and helps develop the knowledge required for risk management and decision making in avalanche terrain. It’s followed by a second day in the field that puts the new skills to use.

Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 Companion Rescue

One of the things practised during the field day is companion rescue. This helps you react efficiently and use your gear correctly in a rescue situation.

Snowpack Analysis during Avalanche Safety Training

You’ll also practice snowpack analysis during avalanche training and learn to recognize weak layers.

Group Dynamics and Management

Travelling together is an important part of safety during an outdoor Banff adventure, but groups need to work together to stay safe and make decisions.

Risk Tolerance During an Outdoor Banff Adventure

Evaluating the risks of a certain situation and knowing when to turn back are important, so risk tolerance is covered during the second day of an avalanche safety training level 1 course.

Field Day Terrain Use and Avoidance

You’ll also learn about identifying and choosing terrain during your avalanche safety training field day. Evaluating the consequences and risks of different terrains helps you make good choices.

Get ready for an outdoor Banff adventure with avalanche safety training. This course teaches you important skills to help you stay safe as you enjoy the beauty and majesty of the winter landscape.

At Alpine Air, We want you to enjoy your time outdoors. Have a safe time in the mountains and be prepared.

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