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7 Banff Backcountry Skiing Safety Tips

Skiing in the backcountry is exhilarating and fun, but it’s also dangerous. Being aware of the danger and preparing accordingly are crucial to enjoying this winter activity as safely as possible. Follow these seven backcountry skiing safety tips when you set out for adventure.

1. Plan Backcountry Skiing Adventures with Others

Never ski alone in the backcountry; always go with a guide or group of experienced skiers. Backcountry skiing tours are a great way to have fun and improve your skills.

2.Adequately Prepare for Backcountry Adventures

The backcountry contains many challenges so make sure to prepare before setting out. This includes taking appropriate safety classes and using appropriate gear. Seek out training from professional such as a AST 1 course.

3.Inform Others of Your Skiing Plans

Always tell others about your plans before you begin backcountry skiing. This includes information like your route and expected return time.

4.Stay Together During Backcountry Skiing Tours

Just as it is important to go skiing with others, it’s also important to stay with them and work together. Following group arrangements and rules is an important part of backcountry skiing tours.

5.Turn Back if Conditions Require You to Do So

Weather changes quickly in the mountains. Keep an eye on the weather at all times and turn back if conditions start becoming unfavourable.

6.Avoid Dangerous Slopes when Backcountry Skiing

Understand what makes a slope dangerous and avoid questionable situations during backcountry skiing adventures. Avoid slopes that are wind loaded, greater than 30 degrees, obvious avalanche paths, or above terrain traps.

7.Take an Avalanche Safety Course

Before planning backcountry skiing adventures in avalanche terrain, take an avalanche safety course. A basic course is appropriate for anyone interested in exploring the backcountry and provides the basic training necessary for moving in avalanche terrain.

The backcountry is beautiful and a wonderful place for skiing and other adventures. At Alpine Air we can help take you on a backcountry skiing adventure that is both safe, and unforgettable. Book your next adventure, contact us today!

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