For the adventurer looking to head out deeper into the wilderness, it is paramount that rope rescue skills are practiced and understood while travelling on glaciers. This course is designed to introduce the necessary skills or to review and update your skills if you have previously taken training. The AAA instructors have years of experience travelling in glaciated terrain and in crevasse rescue advanced training and instruction. It is highly recommended to review these rescue skills once a year. Along with the AST 1 course, the crevasse rescue course will teach the basics of mountain travel. This is course is based from Lake Louise, meeting place at the Lake Louise Hi Hostel; field locations at Crowfoot Meadows.

Day 1: Meet the guides in the Guides room at the Lake Louise Hostel and sign waivers. There will be a short theory presentation and begin with simple knots and systems. Spending the afternoon outside where the group can practice and be introduced to more complex systems.


Day 2: This day the group will head to a safe but very realistic practice site at Crowfoot Meadows North from Lake Louise. The day will be spent out side putting to use the theory and practice from day 1.

-arresting the fall, assess situation and decision point, reverse pull? Call for help

-t-slot and ice screw anchors

-transfer load and decision point

-belay to the lip of crevasse and decision point

-Begin adding advantage if necessary

In complex rescue scenarios many decisions are based on site specific information, this course will help you prepare for those details and make a rescue if necessary much quicker and realistic. But remember, avoidance is our best tool.



Certified Guide, 2 days of instruction Use of all technical gear


  • Accomodations
  • Transportation to / from site


  • Backpack
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • 1x60cm-120cm sewn sling w/ 2 non locking carabiners
  • 2x5m 6 or 7mm prussic cord w/ non locking carabiners
  • 1x1.5m 6 or 7mm prussic cord (personal prussik)
  • 4x locking carabiners, I usually have 2 lighter weight carabiners and 2 self-locking carabiners which are larger in size, they can be used for a munter hitch and master carabiner
  • any new mechanical device ie. Micro traction from Petzl
  • Skis if the course dates are during the winter

Certified Guide, 2 days of instruction Use of all technical gear