The winter of Canada brings us the opportunity to experience the sensation of total freedom and backcountry skiing in Canada. Using touring skis, telemark skis or a split board we can enjoy this freedom of riding fresh powder in the Backcountry Mountains of Canada or an International mountain destination. Whether it’s for a 1-day private adventure, a week long backcountry skiing adventure, or a remote ski mountaineering objective, I am here to organize and guide you through a backcountry skiing experience of a life time!

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December 9th-10th 2017 or January 6th-7th, 2018

  • Crevasses Rescue for Skiers, Snowboarders and Climbers

    5 out of 5

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For the adventurer looking to head out deeper into the wilderness it is paramount that rope rescue skills are practiced and understood while travelling on glaciers.

This course is designed to introduce the necessary skills or to review and update your skills if you have previously taken training.

The AAA instructors have years of experience travelling in glaciated terrain and in crevasse rescue advanced training and instruction,

It is highly recommended to review these rescue skills once a year. The course will take place in  Kananskis or Lake Louise areas. There will be a 1/2 day classroom component with lots of field practice.

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December 28th-30th, 2018

  • Rogers Pass, Deep December Long Weekend

    5 out of 5

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Three days of Deep December Powder, what a great Xmas present! Rogers Pass is reknowned for its huge snowfall and cold deep powder skiing and in late December it can be waist deep! This trip is perfect for skiiers interested in Banff backcountry skiing.

We will be staying at the Kicking Horse River Lodge, a classic mountain home to base out of. This is an ideal trip for intermediate to strong skiers who like to ski a lot.

We can accommodate first time skiers with intermediate backcountry skiing skills.


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January 6th & 7th and 20th & 21st, 2018

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These weekends are designed to introduce people to backcountry skiing in the Lake Louise, Kananaskis Country, Hi-way 93 South and Hi-Way 93 North areas.

If you are new to ski touring and looking for a safe intro, the weekend warrior program is the right backcountry skiing tour for you. You will be skiing with the Alpine Air guides who will give instruction on powder skiing, touring efficiency skills and achieving the day’s goals all while keeping the day safe and fun.

A great progression for the winter is 1) Weekend Warrior 2) Powder Warrior then a spring expedition offered by Alpine Air Adventures.


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FEBRUARY 9th-12th, 2018

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Over 4 days we will explore 4 different locations in the Lake Louise and Rogers Pass areas.

Day 1 we will meet in Lake Louise and do a tour in the nearby mountains then head to Golden BC for day 2 and 3 to ski in the epic Rogers Pass area.

On the 4th day we will make our way back east and spend a day on the Continental Divide skiing some of the greatest terrain on earth.

If you are a Powder Warrior looking for some epic descents this long weekend is for you.

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Classic 4 day Wapta: MARCH 16th- 19th, 2018
Wapta Blitz: March 16- 18th, 2018

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The Classic Wapta backcountry skiing adventure from Peyto Lake to the Great Divide Lodge over 4 days and 3 nights. The first night will be spent at the Peyto Hut in the beautiful Peyto Cirque with many peaks to climb and ski. Day 2 will be spent traversing to the Balfour Hut, climbing a peak or two along the way. On day 3, the crux of the traverse is tackled, up and over the Balfour High Col. If weather cooperates, an attempt on Mt Balfour (3285m) will be made. Afterwards, we proceed on to the Scott Duncan Hut for our final night out. On day 4, one of two exit options will be skied, the scenic Bath Glacier or the Sherbrook Lake exit.

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The Wapta Blitz is a 3 day get er done style Wapta Traverse, for the get er done riders out there. The first night will be spent at the Balfour hut which is tucked underneath the monarch of the ice fields Mt Balfour. The second day you will traverse to the Scott Duncan hut and along the way, weather permitting, an attempt on Balfour will be made. Day three will be spent skiing back to the road. This style of trip is well suited for intermediate-strong back country skiers and riders who have some touring experience.

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MARCH 23rd-25th 2018

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Based out of the Lake Louise Alpine Center, the long weekend will be spent climbing and skiing some of the Rockies greatest peaks. The end of March is an excellent time of year to climb and ski the high peaks in and around Lake Louise.

In previous years, the AAA guides have made accents of Mt Victoria N Summit, Cathedral Peak, Mt Field, Cirque Peak, Crowfoot and Mt Hector.

With long warm spring days and a deep well settled snowpack, join me for a great weekend of peak bagging and excellent backcountry skiing in Alberta!

This trip is great for intermediate to advanced skiers who love backcountry skiing and mountaineering adventures.


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March 30th- April 3rd, 2018

  • April Powder – Bow Yoho Ski Traverse

    5 out of 5

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Five days of skiing on the famous and remote Wapta and Yoho glaciers. Day 1 we will meet in Lake Louise at the Alpine Center, get organized and head to Bow Lake where we will begin our adventure. Over the next 3-4 hours we will ascend up to the Bow Hut for the first night.

On day two, we will be up early and ski across the Wapta Ice field to the Yoho Glacier and the high lands of Mt Collie. This leads us to a great ski run down to the Des Poilus glacier and onwards to the Isolated Col and an excellent ski descent to the Stanley Mitchell Hut in the Little Yoho Valley. Day 3-4 are spent skiing the Little Yoho with great ski mountaineering objectives very close by, Mt MacArthur (3015m) and the Presidents (3140m).

On day 5 we will make our way along the Ice line trail traversing the full length of the Presidents and head into Yoho Pass which takes us to Emerald Lake which will mark the end of a great backcountry skiing adventure!


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Mt Clemenceau Ski Camp

April 18-23rd, 2019

  • Mt Clemenceau Ski Camp, April 18-23rd, 2019

    5 out of 5

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The Clemenceau glacier area is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains just West of Jasper National Park. There is a group of glaciers which converge to form the massive Clemenceau ice-fields area, the tusk, duplicate, apex & Clemenceau glaciers are to name a few. Mt Clemenceau rises to the height of 3660 m and offers and excellent ski ascent and run back to camp which will be epic for all. Among many other big ski runs this area is very remote and seldom visited, this is an opportunity to explore the Canadian Wilderness with the comfort of a base camp.

The ski week will be tent based with a large dome tent for cooking, drying gear and relaxing in, sleeping quarters will be shared (2 per tent) in large 4 person tents. We will be flying in and out of the camp location by helicopter. All the skiing will be done as day trips from the base camp with light packs. The Base camp elevation is at approximately 1900 m with amazing views in all directions! See the Rockies like never before.

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Clemenceau-Columbia IceFields Ski traverse

April 23rd- 28th, 2019

This ski traverse may well be the most aesthetic traverse in Canada, it offers access to some of the Rockies highest peaks along the way, Mt Clemenceau (3658m), King Edward (3500m), Mt Columbia (3750m) and countless others. The Icefields are located along the western edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and we will traverse through the middle of a large complex of icefields trending east to the Columbia. The remoteness of this area adds to the lure of adventure which will be assured when skiing in this vast wilderness.

If you are a strong skier or splitboarder and serious about adventure this trip is for you! Contact Jeff at [email protected] for more information and to register.


DATES: MARCH thru MAY 2019
*Custom Dates are available*

  • Alberta High Ski Mountaineering Expeditions 3 or 4 days


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Mt Columbia Expedition, April 28th-30th/ 4 day May 1st, 2017

Standing mighty and tall this is the official high point in Alberta at 3750m and buried deep within the ancient ice of the Columbia Ice fields. On the 3 day Mt Columbia expedition Mt Snowdome and Kitchner may be climbed before skiing out on the third day.

The Twin Towers Expedition, May 1st-3rd/ 4day May 4th, 2017

MT Columbia’s direct neighbours and also giants rising from the Athabasca river valley; The Twins, N.3685m & S.3565m, can be climbed and skied on the same expedition or done independently. While on the Twins 4 day expedition the other high peaks in the area may be climbed which includes the Twins Tower, W. Twin, Stutfield Peak and Mt Cromwell.

Mt Brazeau Expedition, April 6th-9th, 2017

Mt Brazeau , 3500m, stands among a group of high peaks at the South end of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. A beautiful glaciated peak which has amazing ski runs rite from the summit, the area is more remote and less traveled than the Columbia area but offers similar challenges to the Columbia Icefields peaks. Day 1 is spent approaching a base camp at tree line near the toe of the Brazeau Icefield, day 2 will be an attempt of the South glacier route of Brazeau and potentially skiing Mt Warren, 3300m, Valad Peak, 3250m, or Mt Henry MacLeod, 3315m.

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MAY 20th-JUNE 9TH (ON THE MOUNTAIN) 2018, MEETING DATE MAY 19th Yellowknife NWT.

  • Mt. Logan – Kings Trench May 16th-June 4th 2019


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Canada’s highest peak Mt Logan in the Yukon Territory, Kluane National Park, 5960m. Join the Alpine Air Adventure Guides for a ski expedition of a lifetime. The expedition will begin by flying from Haines Jct. in a ski plane to base camp where we will begin acclimatizing by moving gear to progressively higher camps. The King’s Trench route will be ascended which is the least technical on the mountain and with the use of ski mountaineering equipment we will be able to travel efficiently up and down.

With 21 days planned for climbing Mt. Logan we will likely have an opportunity once high on the mountain for a summit attempt. A high and very remote peak there are prerequisites for this trip. If you have not skied or climbed with AAA a detailed resume of past mountaineering courses or experience will be required. Mt Logan is not only high it is also a very cold place, surrounded by some of the largest ice fields on the planet and very close to the Pacific Ocean, it can be hit hard by weather. Experienced and serious inquiries only please.

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