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Hector avalanche

5 Things to Know Before You Go Backcountry Skiing in Banff

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Backcountry skiing is an amazing way to explore the beauty of the stunning winter environment. But heading into the unknown increases the risk of an accident and backcountry skiing is…


The Importance of Avalanche Safety Training

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People often picture an avalanche as a giant cloud of powder rushing down a steep, open mountainside. This idea usually bears little resemblance to their plans for outdoor winter recreation,…

ice climb

7 Ice Climbing Tips For Rookies

| Ice Climbing | No Comments

Climbing up frozen waterfalls or rock covered in ice is a challenging and exciting adventure. If you’re a climber looking to challenge yourself during winter or are an outdoor adventurer…


Important Banff Rock Climbing Safety Tips For Beginners

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Rock climbing is an exciting way to experience the beauty of the mountains. It’s also dangerous. Learning to respect the dangers of climbing and deal with them appropriately is crucial….